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Re: great news!

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Dear Odorica --

CEELXvEWoAAxiy1.jpgIn case you missed it yesterday, I wanted to inform of you of the latest good news.

Yesterday, the Sunday Express dedicated itsOpinion column to an endorsement for UKIP, with the headline reading: "Ukip is in touch with ordinary British people"which you can read here.

It says:

Change is coming because Mr Farage’s message is already striking home. Here we spell out why we believe you should vote Ukip and how a Ukip vote will serve your interest and those of this great country.
Mr Farage must be elected when Thanet South heads for the polls this week. No other politician has done more to shake up the cosy Westminster landscape and he must reap his reward.

To our readers in the North who have stuck by this paper while experiencing good times and bad, we say that this election is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to bring about a lasting difference.

Vote Ukip to strike at the Labour heartlands. Nowhere else are people’s votes being taken for granted, with so little given in return. Labour support has been handed down unthinkingly from one generation to the next and the party still believes that your vote is its birthright.

It is not. It is time to smash the Labour strongholds.
If you agree Odorica, then please consider helping us over the line across the country on May 7th.Read more here.


Kind regards,

Nigel Farage
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