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Marine Le Pen

How Marine Le Pen Could Sway France’s Undecided and Apathetic Voters

Mathematically, Le Pen would need to more than double her vote count from 2012, a feat that seems nearly impossible. Then again, many said the same thing about Donald Trump.

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Zawahiri Bin Laden

Ayman al-Zawahiri: How a CIA Drone Strike Nearly Killed the Head of Al-Qaeda

Pakistan is now harboring Al-Qaeda leaders Ayman al-Zawahiri and Hamza bin Laden, multiple sources say.

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A Timeline of What Ivanka Trump Has Been Doing in the White House

Since she became a government employee, Ivanka Trump has influenced her father's decision to bomb Syria, advocated for equal pay and met with the Chinese president.

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Aaron Hernandez

Aaron Hernandez's Sex Life Probed as Murder Motive, Police Source Says

Authorities say the former NFL star left behind three notes before taking his life—one to his fiancée, one to his daughter and a third to a prison boyfriend.

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French election posters

What the French Elections Say About Their Colonial History

Candidates' positions on French colonialism can be seen as a revealing barometer of attitudes toward immigration, race and multiculturalism today.

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Why Is the IMF Backing Ukraine, Despite Widespread Corruption?

The IMF cannot ignore calls for severe measures against corruption and for social justice.

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Scientists Are Discovering How the Power of Suggestion Works on the Brain

Scientists studying hypnosis have found the brain acts differently when people respond to hypnotic suggestions than when they just imagine things.

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Guns in America: A Majority of Americans Polled Oppose Carrying Firearms in Public Places

A study has found that even those who own guns favor placing restrictions on where law-abiding citizens can carry firearms.

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Review: 'Guerrilla' Miniseries Takes a Muted Look at 70s British Black Activism

John Ridley's 'Guerilla' may focus on the friction between blacks and whites, but nothing in it is black and white.

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First 100 Days: How Does Trump Compare to Other Presidents?

Trump vowed while campaigning for president to complete at least 60 of his policy plans during his first 100 days in office. He hasn't.

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