vineri, 14 aprilie 2017


  • Mother of all bombs' kills 36 Islamic State militants in Afghanistan, sparks mix of anger and praise on the ground
    Los Angeles Times
    A day after the United States dropped the largest non-nuclear weapon it has ever used in combat, U.S. military helicopters pounded a mountainside village in eastern Afghanistan on Friday in an ongoing operation against fighters loyal to Islamic State. Plumes of smoke were visible from several miles away as the airstrikes provided cover for Afghan commandos and U.S. advisers who have been locked in a two-week battle to clear a network of tunnels used by Islamic State militants — the target of the Thursday bombing. The Massive Ordnance Air Blast — a 20,000-pound weapon dubbed the “mother of all bombs” — shot flames and smoke into the sky for more than four hours and marked a sharp escalation of U.S. operations against Islamic State’s affiliate in South Asia. Read More

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